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Double appointments

A few weeks back a lady booked me well in advance for two makeup appointments and upstyles for 2020.

This was all fine only I received a message from her canceling the appointments because she found someone else who will come to her house.

I would like to point out that I do home appointments for make-up, it's not a problem but this lady booked for salon appointments not home appointment.

Why do people make an appointment with one salon and still look for another??? 

This has happened on many occasions for me and I just can't understand why a person would continue to look for other salons or other appointments when they've already booked in with a salon!! 

I've heard lately that people are now booking two places and decide on the morning which salon to show up to ?

I've also seen many many make-up artist having to take deposits because of no show's and this is so sad and maddening! 

 We are trying our best to make a living out of our passion be it make-up, hair, nails etc for people to say oh sure it's grand I'll decide on the day where to go sure. They won't mind ! 

The fact is courtesy and manners go along way if you can't make the appointment ring or message at least an hour before hand at least give us a chance to give that appointment slot to another client who is looking for an appointment.

Don't double book it's not fair and alot of hassle on yourself. 

You wouldn't make an appointment with two doctors if you were sick would you? So why do it to a hairdresser,makeup artist, nail technician, beautician ? 

If it's because one salon is cheaper or your getting a better deal it's not worth it. 

You get what you pay for in this industry.